News and Notes

Check this page for information on the latest here at Red Star Scale Models - you can also keep up with us at our Facebook Page:

1/24/2017: AMK Delivery!  MiG-31 Updates and Kits IN STOCK!

At long last our shipment of the AMK items has arrived.  We are working as quickly as possible to pack a huge number of pre-orders on these, and then will update on what stock remains, as we expect the updates to be back out of stock quickly!

1/17/2017: Bobcat Yak-28 Arriving Before End of Month / AMK Delivery Update

The much anticipated Bobcat Yak-28 will be arriving before the end of the month, get your pre-order in to be among the first to receive this kit.  There will be a slight gap after the first delivery due to Chinese New Year, so avoid the wait and pre-order now!

We have also heard from our AMK supplier that the delivery is due TOMORROW, so we should expect delivery possibly later this week or first of next week.  Those of you that have long standing pre-orders will be delivered first.  We have a small additional quantity that we are ordering.  We expect these to dry up QUICKLY once they are delivered.  Remember these are a one-time run, so get them while they last!

1/10/2017: ICM MiG-25 & KASL F-14 Wing Updates

We have the ICM 1:48 MiG-25RBT and the KASL 1:48 F-14A/B/D Wing updates open for pre-order.  Details on both items under the item listings!  

AMK Update - our last information was that the LONG awaited MiG-31 sets were due through customs on 1/9 (yesterday) and that they should reach us about ten days later.  It's been a long road getting them here, but it would appear that we are almost there.  Watch our Facebook page and here for updates as we get closer to delivery.

The Bobcat 1:48 Yak-28 should be shipping on or about 1/18.  We are finalizing details on our shipment from them, and expect this will be the next pre-order that we post.  Stay tuned.  This will be closely followed by the Kitty Hawk Su-17, Etendard IV, and hopefully more.  As always we try to open pre-orders about a month before the item arrives.

12/9/2016:  Gift Certificates & Restocks!

Just in time for the holidays we have added Gift Certificates on our website!  Check under that category for details.  These are configurable in amount.  So if you're waiting on the Bobcat Yak-28, Kitty Hawk Su-17, or the AMK F-14 (or just more MR Paint), this will cover you!  

We have also added a restock of the Tamiya F-14 and the sought after Hobby Boss 1:48 Su-27!  We expect to have more MRP right before the end of the year, and are anxiously awaiting news on the Bobcat Yak-28 so that we can open pre-orders!

10/4/2016: Tamiya Tomcats In Stock

All Pre-orders have shipped, and a few from our initial stock remain, they are available to ship right away!

9/5/2016: MR Paint New Products & Restock Have Arrived!

We hope everyone had a great labor day weekend (here in the US) and a great start to your week if you're reading this from elsewhere! We spent the day getting a huge number of packages ready for tomorrow's pick up as our long awaited MR Paint restock arrived right before the weekend. All back orders have been cleared, all the orders received through the weekend have been packed, so we're caught up and ready for your order. There are over 40 new colors in stock, as well as substantial restocks on the rest of the line - that said, as always some colors will sell out quick (and a couple already have!) - fear not, we will start working on the next round of colors soon!

8/25/2016: MR Paint New Products Loaded

We're about ten days out from finally receiving our MR Paint restock, and as such we've updated the product listings online. This will give you a preview of what's coming and allow you to ask for alerts when the products get loaded!

8/21/2016: Taurus & Master on Clearance

We've added two products lines that don't fit with our current mission to clearance - Taurus Model and Master Details, both are 50% off listed prices while supplies last. What stock is shown is what stock is available, and the products are set to be removed from view as they go out of stock.

8/16/2016: Tamiya F-14 Pre-Order, Hobby Boss Su-27, Clearance Items

As the post-Nationals refresh continues, we've got more news for today! First up, the Tamiya 1:48 F-14A is up for pre-order. It is due to arrive 9/16/16 (one month from today). We will be posting details on shipment and delivery as the date draws closer! Also new in stock is the Hobby Boss 1:48 Su-27 - this is the first new kit of the Su-27 in 1:48 since the Academy kit. The Chinese J-11 was released earlier this year, but had distinctly Chinese features in the kit. This latest release includes Russian pylons, a full suite of Russian air-to-air missiles and all the other necessary features to build a regular Su-27. While we know that there are other members of the Su-27 family coming, so far as we understand this is the ONLY new tool of the basic Su-27 that is coming in 1:48. We have added several items to the clearance section, so have a look there to see if you can find a bargain that interests you! We're going to be adding a couple more product lines to the clearance section shortly!

Finally, we are finishing up the details on the MR Paint shipment - so stay tuned for full details in the next couple of days!

8/15/2016: Finally Open After Nationals!

We have finally counted everything down from the show, and have our inventory adjusted. We're pretty low on everything, except KASL, which we ordered extra of to have post-Nationals stock. MRP is coming next with a very healthy restock. You'll find that there are several new items in the clearance section as we continue to migrate our business toward new product lines and new opportunities. Stay tuned for more announcement soon!

6/9/2016: New Arrivals from AK, Eduard, Fightertown Decals, Miniart, Abrams Squad and Tamiya

Lots of new books, magazines and decals arrived today, along with a few more new kit offerings - Tamiya's Easy Eight Sherman, the Eduard special edition of Hasegawa's Draken, and the Miniart T-44M!

6/7/2016: Tanmodel RF-84F and More!

It's another busy week here at RSSM - we're caught up from the arrivals of the Kinetic F-18 and AMK MiG-31, and while we still have stock, they're going quickly! Finally back in stock this week is the Tanmodel 1:48 RF-84F. Along side we have several new Eduard items, and a good number of new books and magazines!

5/26/2016: AMK Shipment Arrives! MiG-31B is in stock and SHIPPING!

We've received stock on the new AMK MiG-31, as well as restocks of the rest of the AMK line! Everything is in stock and shipping now. Those with pre-orders should receive notice of shipment very shortly!

5/6/2016: KASL F-20 Exhausts & MR Paint

The anticipated 1:48 F-20 exhausts have arrived from KASL. These are loaded and ready for order. They come in two varieties - one with raised and one with recessed rivets. Definitely a nice addition to your Freedom F-20 model. Also we've received part one of the LONG awaited MR Paint order. We're working through all the back orders to get this ready to ship when the rest of the order arrives on Monday/Tuesday!

4/29/2016: Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18C Pre-Orders Open!

This kit is on the way from China and should be here in ten days or so. We will be the first US retailer with this great new model! We will likely have more news on this one soon!

4/27/2016: New Kits In Stock - Big Armor Releases!

The Meng M1A2 has arrived and it is amazing! Also arrived are the new T-55s from Takom, BMPT from Trumpeter, along with the 1:72 MiG-29 9-13. We also received a restock on the 1:48 ERA-3B and the thus far scarce, and much sought after Hobby Boss 1:48 J-11B (which can be easily made as a Su-27UB, as well as other Flanker variants). Lots more to come this week after a brief trip tomorrow!

4/13/2016: New Castings / Red Star Productions Restock!

We received a resupply of castings from our caster for our Red Star Productions Su-9/11 products. Those are back in stock and ready for ordering. We hope to have updates shortly on the Su-11 cockpit, the early KS-2 ejection seat as well as our first products for the next subject on our list - which this time include decals! We expect KASL in shortly and should have MR Paint news soon as well!

4/1/2016: No April Fools Here, Just NEW STUFF!

Lots of new stock in the store today, a complete restock on Furball decals, including all of their latest releases. We're also proud to add both Speed Hunter Graphics and Reid Air Publications to the line up as well. Also new are the first items from Airscale that we have carried. These feature brand new releases for modern types as well as some older items that match to the core of our product line - including early Soviet Jet instrument decals which are ideal for our Su-9 and Su-11 cockpits. Restocks are also in from Ammo of MIG for their popular Aircraft Modeling Encyclopedias. And finally several new magazines from both AK Interactive and Abrams Squad! Have a look through the store, there's PLENTY to see!

3/25/2016: New Kits Day! Trumpeter, Hobby Boss, Great Wall, Meng and MORE!

We received a big selection of new release kits today - including the latest from Trumpeter and Hobby Boss - including the 1:489 Su-9U, 1:72 Su-24M, 1;48 ERA-3B and Saab Lansen. Also the highly anticipated Meng ZSU-23-4. We received the Great Wall F-15I and limited restocks on the older AMK items (we're still waiting on a final date for the new MiG-31B as well as the MiG-31 Restock - but both remain available for pre-order).

We have a still bigger order in to MR Paint for restocks as well as the majority of the remaining colors. We also expect to be getting a big KASL restock soon along with their latest items.

3/18/2016: Ammo of MIG Restock / MiG-31B/BS Ship Date

We received a healthy restock from Ammo of MIG today, including the Encyclopedias of Aircraft Techniques. The new Armor version will be coming in the next shipment, so we look forward to stocking that as well.

Also there is now official word that the Embargo date on the second MiG-31 as well as the 1:72 L-29 will be April 25th. According to our distributor we should have ours in time for this date to be able to ship as early as anyone else! So get your pre-order in and then the kit will get to you at the end of April (hopefully in most cases on 4/27).

We look forward to seeing some of you at the Atlanta show tomorrow!

3/16/2016: MiG-31B/BS Pre-Orders! Restocks & Shipment Updates!

First up, we've received confirmation on pricing on the MiG-31B/BS (this is the earlier version with the earlier analog cockpit, early wing pylons and similar - it is much closer to a Cold War style MiG-31 than the previous release), and as such have opened it for pre-order. We're working with our new distributor to get the kits more quickly so they should be available close to the original release date (which we understand to be moving slightly from the original 4/1 "street date"). As before we will post updates as we get news about these and will turn them around quickly upon arrival (just like we did with the MiG-31BM/BSM right before Christmas).

We've also restocked several items including the Kinetic Su-33, Revell of Germany Tornado GR.4, and more! Some of these arrived a week ago, but like everything else we were caught up in completing our move. So like web store updates, shipping lagged a little bit too - especially with all the catch up required with the arrival of the MR Paint order. That said, we are pretty much caught up after only a very short delay! It'll be good to be getting back to the regular schedule here!

And finally, we will be at the Atlanta model show this weekend (also the IPMS R3 show) - and look forward to seeing many of you there!

3/9/2016: MR Paint - The REST of the Order!

As promised Monday the remainder of the order arrived today - another 60 colors stocked! Pre-orders and back orders are processing now - but as of this posting anything listed "In Stock" is indeed in stock and ready for shipping!

3/7/2016: MR Paint New Stock Arrives - Red Star Productions Restock

As expected the first part of the MR Paint order arrived today, it is in inventory and ready for ordering, this portion of the order includes 21 colors including the Su-27 and Su-33 colors as well as some much needed restocks. The second portion of the MR Paint order will arrive on Wednesday! We also added stock for the Red Star Productions items that were out of stock so those are again available for ordering!

3/3/2016: MR Paint Shipments Arrive 3/7!

The next shipment of MR Paint will arrive Monday 3/7 with yet another shipment arriving after that likely 3/10. This will cover restocks, the new Su-27 and Su-33 colors as well as US WW2 and Metallic colors. Another order will arrive the following week. As always the entire line is open to ordering, so please feel free to pre-order for fastest delivery.

We'd also like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we've worked through our move. We are catching up on orders and shipments (after only a short delay), and will now be working again on new projects and product lines! We have also heard from AMK that the next MiG-31 will be available for pre-order shortly, and should be shipping such that we can ship on 4/1 - stay tuned for pre-order details!

2/25/2016: MR Paint and Red Star Productions Updates!

It's been a very busy week with all the order processing and shipping that's been going on. MR Paint continues to be very popular as to our own Red Star Productions items! Good news on BOTH fronts. MR Paint is in process on shipping our second and THIRD orders to us. We expect these to start arriving middle of next week. This order will include restocks, as well as several colors in stock for the first time including US WW2 and the newly made Su-27 and Su-33 colors. We will continue to expand the product as rapidly as we can!

For Red Star Productions we've already ordered more castings on the first items, so it's time to talk about what's next. We will continue in the same area we've been with the Su-11 cockpit and the KS-2 ejection seat. We will be showing off CAD renderings for those very soon. We also received an update from the pattern maker for the F9F Cougar cockpit. That is nearing completion, so we will FINALLY be able to bring that product to market as well. From there the sky's the limit, we have several additional items that we are considering all from the Cold War era. The next most likely items are USAF and RAF related.

2/18/2016: MR Paint - FULL LINE & Stock Update

It appears that the MR Paint is as popular as we had hoped. We have a bit left from the initial stock (particularly of the MiG-31 grays), and have already placed our next order. MR Paint is apparently waiting on more bottles to arrive, so there is a slight delay before the next shipment. That's the bad news. The good news is, there will be eight more colors covering the Su-27 and Su-33 in Russian service. We will have these product numbers up for sale as soon as we get the details from MR Paint. In the interim, the FULL LINE is now available for ordering - we will be getting these in and maintaining stock on them over the next few weeks - so if there's something that you want, placing a pre-order will help us prioritize what to have shipped sooner than later! WE will be working closely with MR Paint to work the kinks out of the supply chain and keep a healthy stock on hand for the entire line.

We've shipped a bunch of the first Red Star Productions items out already - we expect that many of you have them in hand already and are looking forward to your feedback. We still have items left from the initial casting batch and the second casting batch is already on the way. Our next products will cover the KS-2 ejection seat and the Su-11 cockpit. From there we will move on to new subjects, and are looking forward to that!

Finally - it has come to our attention that some of you are having difficulty finding contact information for us. If you can't find the link, or are not hearing from us regarding an order - do not hesitate to e-mail us at: redstarscalemodels @ - we pride ourselves in fast delivery and good communication, we maintain a five minute response time on Facebook - so that should tell you that this is important to us! Sometimes the site e-mail fails to get to our account so if that happens and you're not hearing from us, use the gmail e-mail and that should work quickly.

2/12/2016: Red Star Productions Products Sales Begin!

We finally made it! The full suite of Su-9 products are on sale as well as the new MiG-31 wheels. Check out the Red Star Productions tab above for links to all the products. Also, we worked well in to the night to make sure the bulk of the MR Paint that was pre-ordered has been shipped. Look for lots more updates here and on our Facebook page!

2/11/2016: MR Paint Initial Stock!

The first stock has arrived from MR Paint. Pre-orders are shipping and the rest of the stock is available now. We expect to build the rest of the line up rapidly over the next few weeks.

2/10/2016: New Kinetic In Stock!

Today we received the Su-33 and Super Etendard, along with a restock of the Sea Harrier FRS.1 - make sure to check our competitive pricing! We also finally received a restock on the AFV Club MiG-28 (F-5E/N). This is to be used with the excellent KASL products designed for that kit. Note this is also the best variant of that kit to buy as it has both sets of parts to cover the two main F-5E variants.

2/8/2016: Back from Jax! Big Week Ahead!

We are back from Jacksonville with the store turned back on. This is a big week ahead with the Su-9 items going on sale (FINALLY!) as well as the arrival of MR Paint as well as likely some other goodies! The Tan Model RF-84F Kit has also finally arrived, so pre-orders are now shipping. We will have a few left for general ordering on the first batch.

2/4/2016: New Items In Stock & Jacksonville Show

We have new items today from Revell of Germany, Zvezda, Airfix and a restock on AK Interactive. Also we will be heading to the Jacksonville, Florida show tomorrow, and as such the kit clearance sale has ended.

2/4/2016: MR Paint DUE!

The initial MR Paint order is the country and will be shipping soon to those that pre-ordered. The next order is in process, this stuff is going to be big folks!

1/27/2016: Red Star Productions Updates

We are finally nearing the finishing line for the first full suite of Red Star Productions items. It's been a long process, some learning, some delays, some real life, all of those things that get in the way of a small business. Fortunately we are there. Castings are nearly complete on the last pieces of the cockpit for the Su-9, and will be shipped shortly. This will also include a much faster release for us, our MiG-31 wheels for the AMK kit. These will be available in batches, so order quickly once they go on sale as there will be short availability gaps at first while we catch up with demand. What we are most excited about is getting these projects off and running so we can now focus on future releases and really take this line where we want to go!

In the interim, we really appreciate everyone's patience!

1/25/2016: KASL New Items and Restock

Three new 1:48 F-16 PW F100 exhausts in stock and available. Also a full restock on the KASL line, including the much sought after F-86 wing updates.

1/19/2016: Kit Clearance Time - KitClearance10

Use coupon code KitClearance10 for an extra 10% discount off IN STOCK kits only.

1/18/2016: MR Paint Coming to RSSM!

We will be the US agent for MR Paint, and will have the first stock available very soon - check out the page in our catalog to see what's coming and make sure to let us know which other colors are a priority for you!

1/5/2016: Happy New Year! Nearly 70 New Products On the Webstore! Su-33s STILL Available!

We've stocked a number of new items this week adding almost 70 new items to the web store. There have also been several restocks on key lines. Here's just a sample of what all is now available:

AK Interactive
Ammo of MIG
Fightertown Decals
Hobby Boss

We also still have a limited number of Kinetic Su-33s in stock that can ship immediately, these will likely be gone by the end of the week!

Also as a reminder, we will be at ModelCon in Chattanooga this weekend, so the web store will be shut down while we attend that show. We hope to see many of you there!

12/31/2015: Initial Kinetic 1:48 Su-33 Stock Arrives!

The first batch of the 1:48 Su-33 have arrived from Kinetic. Why not combine with the new Trumpeter Su-11 for free shipping?

12/17/2015: New Trumpeter and Hobby Boss

The 1:48 Su-11s have landed along with a number of other cool and new Trumpeter and Hobby Boss items - the Patriot launcher and tractor is impressive, as is the large scale MRAP!

12/14/2015: AMK MiG-31 Update from the Distributor

Spoke with the distributor today. The AMK MiG-31 kits are at the port out in LA. They should arrive to the distributor pretty much any time now. We're just dealing with what appear to be typical delays of getting these things through a cumbersome unloading process. I did confirm that we would get our FULL shipment, so there will be nobody missing out on the first batch. We have a scant few left on pre-order on the web store. Other US retailers will have theirs at the same time as us. We have the boxes here ready for packing and shipping, so as soon as they get to us, they'll on the way to you. We will obviously be posting details as we get more news! Trust us, we're anxious for you to get them! Especially now that we're going to open another pre-order here very shortly for another exciting release!

12/3/2015: More MiG-31s Added to the Pre-Order

The anticipation builds for this kit, we've secured more on our initial order, so keep the orders coming!

12/2/2015: Modelsvit 1:72 Tu-22KD IN STOCK!

Pre-orders are already dispatching, but the kit is now in stock for regular delivery as well!

11/13/2015: First Red Star Productions Available! KASL, MiG-31 & Tu-22 Pre-orders TOO!

We are proud to announce that our first item is available in the Red Star Productions line - the 1:48 Su-9 wheels! These are in stock and shipping NOW! We also received the expected order of KASL and have that loaded as well. There are a bunch of new F-16 backdating and correcting items available as well as some wonderful new F-86 parts! Finally, due to overwhelming requests from many of you, we have opened pre-orders for both the AMK 1:48 MiG-31 and the Modelsvit 1:72 Tu-22. These are both due to arrive very soon, and will ship to those that pre-ordered on the day they arrive. Both look to be superb releases!

We also hope to have more Red Star Productions updates very soon!

11/5/2015: LOTS OF UPDATES

Folks, I apologize for the lack of updates on this page. We've been dealing with a family medical situation since the end of August. This has kept us very busy, and slowed down a few of the special projects that we've been working on. So here's a bit of a catch up report:

Red Star Productions: All Su-9 sets are nearing release. The last two parts needed for the cockpit are ready to go to 3D printing.
KASL: We have a MAJOR restock on the way from this company. It's been slightly delayed while they finished up a couple of new products, look for these to be on sale next week!
Modelsvit: All new 1:72 Tu-22 will be in stock around the end of the month (hopefully sooner). We are accepting pre-orders, our price will be $69.00 before shipping.
Hong Models: New company, their first kit will be a 1:35 ZSU-23-4, and should also be released before the end of November. Final pricing and information shortly.
AMK MiG-31: This is due to the distributors later November/early December. Will post pre-order terms for this shortly.
Kinetic: Super Etendards due soon! Also a surprise announcement this weekend (11/7) for an item that we will be stocking as soon as it's released!

Look for more updates and information soon!

8/17/2015: FMK F-20As IN STOCK

Our orders are all shipped and there are F-20s that are still available for order! You'll find our price very competitive too! Several other new kits in stock as well including the Kitty Hawk 1:32 OV-10, new Trumpeter and Hobby Boss items, as well as the latest releases from Ammo of MIG!

We also expect our first castings for the Red Star Productions Su-9 Wheels and AL-7F exhaust will be available at the end of the month, so stay tuned for details and a product announcement when those arrive!

7/30/2015: Freedom F-20A Kits Are Expected VERY SOON!

The FMK 18002 F-20A is expected to arrive in stock within the next few days. We'll be posting for orders as soon as we confirm our final price. Everyone that saw the kit at the IPMS/USA show was very excited, and we think you'll be pleased as well!

7/30/2015: We Are Re-Opened for Business!

All of the Nationals sales are recorded and we are open for business! There are a few products that we'll be adding over the next couple of days. We've sold out of a lot, and will be adjusting what's displayed in our inventory, and what we're going to regularly stock for our business! Stay tuned!

6/29/2015: Nationals Stock-up In Progress

We just completed large orders from both KASL and Maestro for stock for the nationals so we will have plenty on hand. We also are finishing off an order from our Chinese kit supplier, and will have some cool new items in stock at the show. We will post those deals as we get the final pricing. We also have a pretty exciting exclusive to share, but will wait for the details to be finalized.

6/18/2015: New Trumpeter and Hobby Boss Arrive!

Loads of new subjects include the 1:48 F-106B, the Czech T-72M4CZ, and much more have landed. Pre-orders are already shipping!

6/7/2015: Store Re-Opened!

Had a great time at the Warner Robins show, the sales have been entered and the store is re-opened for business. Note as we are now in the build-up for nationals, we anticipate a few more clearance items, and that MOST of the current stock of kits (save for select brands) will NOT be restocked, as we work to continue to build our line of unique products!

6/5/2015: Warner Robins Show Tomorrow!

We will be closing the store tonight to travel to the Warner Robins show tomorrow, we will re-open Sunday.

6/3/2015: Viggen Day! Maestro, Tarangus, and Lots MORE!

Received our initial batch of the Maestro line of details and upgrades for the new Tarangus and Special Hobby Viggen kits - these look even better now that we've seen them in person. And to go with those, we received restocks of BOTH versions of the Viggen kits!

5/21/2015: IC Aero Design LanceR Sets IN STOCK and SHIPPING TODAY!

The long anticipated MiG-21 LanceR update sets are now in stock and shipping! We received a big initial shipment, however, we still expect to sell through these quickly!

5/20/2015: DACO Decal Set Restock - IC Aero Design and Maestro Due VERY SOON!

All three types of DACO's decal setting solution are in stock - these are highly recommended if you haven't tried them before. Available in three strengths and as a set of all three types. We are also expecting the IC Aero Designs MiG-21 LanceR set very soon, as well as the Maestro products for the Viggen!

5/6/2015: KASL New Items & Restock!

As noted yesterday, the KASL shipment arrived today. Included in this order is a complete restock of everything we have carried to date, new items just released and then also a selection of additional items that we are stocking for the first time. Take a look on the KASL page under "Shop by Manufacturer."

5/5/2015: 20+ New Trumpeter & Hobby Boss Kits - KASL to Arrive Any Time!

Major new stock of Trumpeter & Hobby Boss items, click on the shop by manufacturer links for both to see the full range. Our prices are hard to beat, as is our service. Also enjoy browsing most all of our product line now with photos of the product!

We also expect a major KASL shipment to arrive ANY day now, so stay tuned for details on that - new products, restocks and new stock of products that we haven't carried thus far!

4/20/2015: More New Items & Clearance Sale!

We received another batch of new Ammo of MIG items over the weekend including the new vol.1 of the Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modeling Techniques from Diego Quijano. These are just SUPERB, and will be popular items. Also in stock is the latest issue of The Weathering Magazine, new Russian armor paint sets and more of the aircraft weathering sets.

We have also completed our inventory review and have marked several items down to COST - you can find them scattered through the site under the various manufacturers that we carry including Freedom, Meng, Trumpeter, Hobby Boss, Zvezda, Revell of Germany and more! Remember, we offer free shipping on orders over $150.00! So a good chance to get some great items at a big discount!

Finally we have a massive stock of KASL on the way, it should arrive next week some time. This includes restocks, new stock on items that we haven't carried yet as well as all-new items!

4/17/2015: Show Season Winding Down - New Inventory Abounds & Major Red Star Productions Update

We've added several new items to inventory today including items from Ammo of MIG, PLA Editions, Aces High Magazine, Special Hobby, Meng, Kitty Hawk, ICM, Panda and more! Have a look through the site and we're sure you'll find a lot to be interested in!

Additionally, we made a major update to the Red Star Productions section, as we are nearing our first releases of the Sukhoi items for the Trumpeter kits. This includes several items that haven't been announced/confirmed yet on our Facebook page. We will be posting far and wide when these are ready for shipment. Please note these will be exclusive to Red Star for the US market and possibly beyond, these will not be available to distribution. We are doing this to keep the price in range for you our customer, vs. having to build in the multiple layers of markup required for distribution.

Also, as many of the kits we carry are getting out of date, we are marking those down in inventory, look for further announcements here and on our Facebook page. We do not intend to stock everything, just new releases and then move on to the next items!

3/17/2015: New Trumpeter Items Arrive!

Four new Trumpeter items, including one we have been heavily promoting arrived today. The 1:48 Su-9 is here, pre-orders are processed and already shipping. Also arrived: 1:35 T-72B/B1 with Kontakt-1 ERA, T-62 Model 1960 and 1:72 J-15 with Flight Deck. All are quite impressive. We will be posting reviews and notes for each to our Facebook page shortly!

3/11/2015 (Update ONE): Furball Restock / New Items

Received the latest three Furball decals covering the F-35 and new CAG schemes for Oceana F-18 Hornets. We expect another batch later today with items from several manufacturers.

3/2/2015: DACO Re-stock

The F-104 update sets continue to be popular, plus we've added in some other popular DACO items that are listed for the first time on this site - have a look! More F-104 items arriving shortly!

2/23/2015: KASL Re-stock, Squadron Book Sale

We received a full restock on the KASL line today, so all of the most popular items are back in stock! This line continues to sell quickly, so get your order in fast. We also have SEVERAL shows lined up over the next month, so that will have these items selling all the quicker.

Squadron has also passed a sale list of books along to us - there are 110 titles. We are going to offer these on a special order basis. Our price will be around 45-50% off the list price (Walkarounds are $10 for example) so these are some great deals! If you'd like to see the special order list, feel free to e-mail us:

2/5/2015: Trumpeter, Meng, Eduard, Kitty Hawk, Panda & More!

29 New Items in stock today! Here's a quick summary:

Furball 1:48 MiG Masters - F-8 Crusader
Furball 1:48 USMC Rhinos
Furball 1:48 F-21A Lion Cubs USN/USMC Aggressors

Furball 1:48 White Knights - T-38 Trainers
Furball 1:48 Air Wing All Stars: Cougar Trainer CAGs
Furball 1:48 Cougar Trainers
Furball 1:48 Blue Angel Cougars
Academy 1:48 F-4J Phantom II
Trumpeter 1:48 USAF T-38C Talon II Trainer
Trumpeter 1:35 2S7M Self-Propelled Gun
Trumpeter 1:48 de Havilland Hornet F.1
Zvezda 1:144 A320 Airliner
Meng 1:35 BMPT Terminator
Trumpeter 1:35 German Fennek LGS
Trumpeter 1:35 T-64B Model 1984
Eduard 1:48 F-104 Bundefighter
Eduard 1:48 MiG-21PF Profipack
Meng 1:35 M3A3 Bradley w/Busk III
Meng 1:35 French AMX-30B2 MBT
Meng 1:35 T-90 MBT w/ TBS-86 Tank Dozer
Meng 1:35 M3A3 Bradley Interior
Meng 1:35 German Leopart 1A5 MBT
ICM 1:48 C-45F/UC-45 USAAF Passenger Aircraft
Kitty Hawk 1:48 SAAB JAS-39B/D
Kitty Hawk 1:32 T-6 Texan - Volume II
Kitty Hawk 1:32 OV-10D Bronco
Panda 1:35 Cougar 4x4 MRAP
Ginter Naval Fighter Series #99 - Douglas AD/A-1 Skyraider Part 2 - USN Squadrons

We will be closing the website tomorrow mid-day to travel to the Chattanooga, TN Show - hope to see many of you there!

2/4/2015: KASL New F-35C Items & Restock

We're stocking up for the big show up in Chattanooga this weekend! We look forward to seeing many of you there! Today we loaded the new KASL stock on our site. There are three new F-35C items on hand:

K48057 F-35C Vertical & Horizontal Tail Replacements
K48058 F-35C Folding Wing Detail & Replacement Set
K48059 F-35C Cockpit

These are all loaded and ready for ordering along with several restocks for items that were out of stock.

Tomorrow we are expecting several additional new items in stock as well - including kits from Trumpeter, Meng, Kitty Hawk and Eduard.

1/26/2015: Tarangus SAAB JA37 Viggen Arrives!

The very impressive Tarangus Viggen has arrived in stock and is ready for ordering! Check our pricing!

1/7/2015: Red Star Productions / New KASL Items / Tarangus Viggen / Spring Shows

Happy New Year everyone! 2014 and the test phase of the business is finished and now it's time to get rolling for 2015. Here are several early updates:

The pattern work for our 1:48 Cougar parts is nearly complete, we are very hopeful to have them available later this month right as the actual kit (F9F-8/8P) is released! We will post photos as soon as we get some test casting completed!

We've received a number of updates from KASL on upcoming products. The first batch will center around the 1:48 F-35C including cockpit, wing fold and control surfaces. They have indicated that they will move forward with intakes and weapons bays for the other variants as well - so more on the way for the F-35A and F-35C. We expect to have these in stock later this month.

We also have the Tarangus Viggen on the way and should have them for sale in the next week or so.

While we're on the subject of announcements, we will be attending several shows through the winter and spring time frame:

Chattanooga, TN 2/6 - 2/7
Atlanta, GA 3/14
Anniston, AL 4/4

We are looking for other dates and locations that might work. Unfortunately there are a couple of conflicts with shows that we'd like to attend (Jacksonville, FL & Indianapolis, IN), but are on dates that are already covered above.

12/16/2014: December Trumpeter & Hobby Boss as well as Restocks

The rest of the new items from the recent batches of Trumpeter and Hobby Boss arrived today and are loaded up to the site for ordering, these include:

Trumpeter 1:35 BTR-80A
Trumpeter 1:48 MiG-21UM
Trumpeter 1:35 BMP-2 IFV
Hobby Boss 1:35 BM-13 "Katyusha"
Hobby Boss 1:48 Hawk T Mk.1A
Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV/L70

We also received several requested restocks:

Kitty Hawk 1:48 F-35C
Kitty Hawk 1:48 TF-9J
Reveal of Germany 1:48 Panavia Tornado IDS
Hobby Boss 1:48 BV.141

We should have new items from Meng, Kitty Hawk and more shortly! We are shipping quickly and deliveries are still arriving before Christmas at this point, but if you're looking to buy a gift, now is the time to place your order!

Also, we want to hear from you about the site, improvements and anything else you'd like to see, we're through the establishment part, but there's always tweaking we can do to bring you a better experience. Please feel free to e-mail us:

12/8/2014: Trumpeter Scud and others are here!

Thanks to everyone's support through our first ten days of business. Orders have been steady, and we've been working the kinks out of the new site here. Automated shipping is now running, which allows us to turn orders around VERY quickly. We received 2/3 of our shipment of newer products from China today, including the brand new Trumpeter 1:35 Scud - a massive model, and a great deal! Our price is $95, and the US retail will be $170, ours are also here first before they've even arrived to the distributors!

We've restocked some of our deals on Kinetic and Skunkworks, as well as added new products under AFV Club, Great Wall, Tamiya and Wolfpack. Also, for those of you that haven't checked yet, the new AFV Club "MiG-28" is one of the better kits in that series to pick up. Regardless of what you think of Top Gun or the included decals, the kit includes BOTH sets of parts for the noses and LERX parts, so you can build either version of the F-5E out of this kit, as well as have spares for other kits in the series.

We are waiting on delivery confirmation of the Tarangus 1:48 JA-37 Viggen, and will post details once we get confirmation. Looks like a vastly improved starting point for a 1:48 Viggen project. We're also seeing decal and upgrade announcements for this kit and will be keeping you apprised as we get news on these products!

Finally, we do want to hear from you! Let us know what you're looking for, and we will work to get it in stock. You can always reach us at!

11/26/2014: Launch Day

KASL has arrived! The first batch is in stock. We ordered in the products that we guessed would be the most popular, while we expect these will sell through quickly, we will continue to restock and build up our stock levels as we get real experience with what is most popular.

Everything else in stock are items that we carried through the fall show season. Some of these will be standard stock items, some will drop off when they sell through. What is MOST important right now is to hear from you as to what you're looking for out of an online model shop!

And yes, right now the shop doesn't look like much from a design standpoint, but we'll get it looking a little more stylish as we move forward. For now it's time to get business rolling!